Desh Steel Erector incorporated in Bangladesh in response to the increasing demand for quality Pre Engineering steel building especially in the industrial sector

DSE is looking for the managing, seeking expertise and obtaining technology to provide Engineering solution by supplying steel building systems with quality and best customer services.

DSE is designing Pre Engineering steel building conforming the standard Codes with modern technology with a motto of change in the usages of traditional construction materials Usually Pre Engineered steel buildings are always preferred for factories, warehouses, hall rooms, workshop, aircraft hangers, office buildings, commercial showrooms, distribution centers, supermarkets, restaurants and residential buildings.

DSE gears always to excel your expectation with its modern tools and skilled manpowers The capacity is to produce 10,000 mt steel building products with an installation 25,000 sft floor area per year Simultaneously to expedite this race our Product Research and Development. Department PRD working to innovate or introduce new concept and machinery in the production line for our esteem clients.

Customer satisfaction, trouble free construction, accurate fit of components are priorities of DSE regardless of the complexity of the project, thus resulting in reduced on site erection cost in terms of time and money.

Exclusive Feature of DSE Buildings

Low cost Economy: DSE engineers optimize designs by putting in material where forces are grater and cut waste by eliminating material where it is not needed. These waste savings are in conjunction with factory control compound to your bottom line in form of cost savings.

High quality:DSE with the superb combination of design and fabrication, DSE can provide the clients best quality buildings.

Design and Architectural flexibility: From the simplest of the most complex building design BBS provides the client designing flexibility and versatility. DSE buildings blend with any conventional exterior. A mixture of panels, block glasses, bricks, stones and concrete could be used to complements the surrounding environments.

Low maintenance and long building life: DSE buildings require virtually no maintenance. It offers a range of interior structural coating to meet project needs and on the exterior side, the roof and wall panels have superior, long lasting oven backed coatings that are maintenance free for many years.

Expandability: Expandability is a buildin component of DSE Pre-Engineered buildings. It is easier, economical and faster.

Re-locatable: Due to the fact that DSE Pre- Engineered buildings are site bolted, it is relatively easier and economical to dismantle & re-locate.

Sundry Items

Fasteners are used to connect roof/wall panels to purlins/girts. Self-drilling high grade carbon steel stitch fasteners are used at roof panel side taps and for connecting trims and flashing to roof and wall panels.

Pop rivets are used to attach light gauge components such as eave gutter, valley gutters, downspouts, trims etc, for the purpose of creating tight joints.

Rolled bead mastic is used along all side laps of roof panels to prevent water seepage.

Foam closures are used to make a building weather tight. Inside foam closures are placed between base angles and wall panels all around the building. Outside closures are placed between wall panels and eave gutter along sidewalls and between wall panels and gable trims along end walls. Inside closures are placed between eave struts and roof panels along sidewalls.

Flow able mastic, supplied in a nuzzled cartridge, is used to seal gutter joints & over lapping flashing.

Bolts and nuts are used to connect columns with rafter to connect one component of primary/secondary members with another component of primary/secondary members.